Song by the late, great Keith Green this Sunday

August 11, 2010

To conclude our sermon series “Can You Hear Me Now?” this Sunday, the Vinebranch band will be doing a song by first-generation Christian-rocker Keith Green.

Green, who died in a plane crash in 1982, was a singer-songwriter in the mold of vintage ’70s Elton John who gave up a promising career in secular music after a dramatic conversion experience. He was a Jesus hippie making music back when Christian rock was strictly an underground phenomenon. (Bob Dylan played harmonica on his song “Pledge My Head to Heaven” in 1979.)

Green took the ministry aspect of his music very seriously: After his first album on gospel label Sparrow Records, he founded his own label and gave his records and tapes away free to anyone who couldn’t afford them.

Anyway, here’s the song that the band will be doing. It’s about putting our faith on the line, trusting in Jesus when it’s risky to do so. It fits in well with the theme of answering God’s call. Enjoy!

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