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100_0084I am an ordained elder-in-full-connection in the United Methodist Church. I currently serve as an Associate Pastor at the Cannon United Methodist Church in Snellville, Georgia. I received a Master of Divinity at Emory University’s Candler School of theology in 2007 and was ordained in 2010. I have undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering and management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

This blog often deals with themes and ideas related to my preaching and other church work. I enjoy thinking through questions that emerge at the intersection of Christian faith and culture. Since culture—any culture—makes its own quasi-religious claims that will never align nicely with God’s kingdom, the tone of my entries often have a Christian-apologetic slant. Thus the subtitle of my blog, from Mark 9:24: “I believe; help my unbelief.” I want to help.

Simply from a practical perspective, this blog is a nice archive of my sermons. The blog’s search engine is a handy too—even to me! Enjoy!

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  1. Carol Says:

    Is there someway I,(and others) can subscribe to your blog, so I get an email or something when you make updates?

  2. brentwhite Says:

    If you click on the “Entries” link at the bottom of this page, you can subscribe via RSS. I’m not totally sure what that means, but most web browsers have RSS readers built in. I think there’s some way to get automatic notification through that.

    I know you can also subscribe to a comment thread and get notified via email. You have this option, I think, whenever you leave a comment.

    You know what would be nice? If our church had some kind of communications director who could give us this kind of information. 😉

  3. Brian Sassaman Says:

    The RSS feed would definitely be a useful too in subscribing to this blog. If you use iGoogle or the Yahoo personalized page you could subscribe via RSS. And you could use this Facebook app to subscribe too: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=5315590686 so it updates your Facebook page.

    Or Brent could make his Facebook status update every time he posts here with a WordPress plugin.

    Lots of different options I think.

  4. Bill Koehler Says:

    Hello Brent,

    You need to update this page! Your About paragraph above and the Related Web Pages as well all need to be brought up to date.

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