New song I wrote and recorded: “Love Comes Around Again”

Here’s an optimistic little song I wrote and recorded about not giving up on love—which means, of course, not giving up on God, either. It’s called “Love Comes Around Again.” The standard apologies apply: It’s a completely homemade affair. For better or worse, I sing and play all instruments. I produced it using Apple’s amazing (and free!) GarageBand software.

The line that includes the words “heart is like a wheel” is lifted (with love) from the great Paul McCartney song, “Let Me Roll It.” In that song—pondering the ineffability of romantic love—McCartney sings, “I can’t tell you how I feel/ My heart is like a wheel/ Let me roll it to you…”

I apologize a little for the vagueness of “things get better” and “no matter what they say.” (What things? Nearly anything that matters! Who are they? Many, many people!) But in my experience it’s true. Thank God! We are not the sole authors of our lives in this world. I can look at my own history and see God’s fingerprints all around.

The point is, God has given me every reason to be optimistic. If our own particular dreams don’t work out as we planned, God gives us bigger and better dreams—if we could only learn to dream them with God.

[Click the play button to listen or click here to download the mp3. If your browser’s built-in audio player doesn’t let you save the file, then try right-clicking the link above.]

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