Learning to want what Jesus wants for me

February 18, 2019

“He said to them, ‘Who do you say that I am?’” Matthew 16:15. Here I am at Caesarea Philippi, the place of Peter’s great confession—also the place where Jesus told him, “Get behind me, Satan.” Jesus is patient with us that way.

He certainly has been with me! Today he has given me exactly 49 years of life—of which every moment, every heartbeat, every breath has been nothing but sheer, undeserved gift. Yet I feel like I’m just starting to figure this life out—for example, that being happy, genuinely happy, means learning to want what Jesus wants for me. And trusting that what he wants for me is nothing but good!

I want you who are reading this blog post to be happy in the same way. I want you to know Jesus like I do. He wants to forgive you, to give you eternal life, to show you his favor, to give you new power to live now.

And if you actually know me, you might be thinking—as I would be—“Who are you to tell me this?” I agree. That’s the point! Jesus has done all of this for me. Me! Crazy, right?

Love y’all.

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