Reflections on Micah 1:3-4: “Tread upon the high places”

From Micah 1:3-4:

For behold, the Lord is coming out of his place,
and will come down and tread upon the high places of the earth.
And the mountains will melt under him,
and the valleys will split open,
like wax before the fire,
like waters poured down a steep place.

This morning, I wrote the following in my ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition. 

These “mountains” and “valleys,” and the ease with which God destroys them, ought to remind us of the importance of living our lives with the proper perspective: I’m, in general, a coward. I’m afraid of other people’s opinions of me, what people say about me, how they regard me. I’m afraid that I’m not being properly “recognized” or “appreciated” or “loved”—because I keep trying to satisfy my soul with “created things” rather than my Creator. I’m afraid for my physical health, because if I die before what I perceive to be “my time,” then I’m afraid I’ll miss out. (But miss out on what? My death will only mean greater life for me! I’ll have everything because I’ll have Christ! Isn’t he enough?) This verse, by contrast, reminds me that at Final Judgment, all of these “lesser things” that inspire fear will be exposed for what they truly are: IDOLS!

Dear Lord, please “tread upon” these “high places” now, before I face your judgment, so that I will be spared the pain that I otherwise deserve. Amen.

One thought on “Reflections on Micah 1:3-4: “Tread upon the high places””

  1. I think Paul said, “It is a small matter to me to be judged by you or any human court.” I don’t think it is necessarily wrong to want to be “recognized, appreciated, or loved”–we just have to be looking to the right source for that! Nehemiah said, “Remember me for good, Oh Lord, for this, that, and the other thing I did.” I’m wanting, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!” (Though I frankly am not too sure I will get it!)

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