My collection (so far) of Billy Graham sermons on vinyl

February 23, 2018

Image courtesy of the New York Times

Since 2014, I have been collecting Billy Graham records. From these I have digitized eleven sermons from the ’60s (and one from 1986). As best I can tell, he didn’t release any sermons on vinyl in the ’70s. (Am I wrong?) I recently acquired an RCA LP from 1957 by Graham called The Problems of the American Home. I’ll post that sermon soon.

In the meantime, to celebrate the life and legacy of one of my heroes, here are the eleven that I have so far. If you follow the links, you’ll also find my commentary on each one, along with photos from the albums themselves. Enjoy! (Please note: the two sermons on the Second Coming, both entitled “The Climax of History,” are substantially different sermons.)

“God’s Delinquent” (1964)

“The Climax of History” (1964)

“Why I Believe the Bible to Be the Word of God” (1962)

“Why I Believe Jesus to Be the Son of God” (1962)

“David and Goliath” (1962)

“The Climax of History” (1962)

“The Cross of Christ” (1963)

“The Frontiers of Tomorrow” (1963)

“The Cure for Loneliness” (1986)

“The Signs of the Time, the End of the World, the Second Coming” (1969)

“Man in the 5th Dimension” (1964)

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