“Glory to God in the Highest,” Day 13: Why Should We Trust the Lord?

December 13, 2016

I recently created a 31-day Advent/Christmas devotional booklet for my church called “Glory to God in the Highest.” I will be posting a devotional from it each day between now and the end of the year. Enjoy!

Scripture: Luke 1:32-33

Elsewhere in this booklet, I said that being a Christian means surrendering our will and offering ourselves completely to God—just like Mary did when she said “yes” to God’s plan for her life.

But why should we be willing to do that?

glory_cover_finalPastor Tim Keller helps us answer that question with the following illustration, which he heard at a Christian conference one time:

The woman who spoke said, “If the distance between the Earth and the sun—ninety-three million miles—was no more than the thickness of a sheet of paper, then the distance from the Earth to the nearest star would be a stack of papers seventy feet high; the diameter of the Mill Way would be a stack of paper over three hundred miles high. Keep in mind that there are more galaxies in the universe than we can number. There are more, it seems, than dust specks in the air or grains of sand on the seashores. Now, if Jesus Christ holds all this together with just a word of his power (Hebrews 1:3)—is he the kind person you ask into your life to be your assistant?” That simple logic shattered my resistance to doing what Mary did. Yes, if he really is like that, how can I treat him as a consultant rather than as Supreme Lord?[†]

Are there ways in which you’ve treated Jesus as your “assistant” or “consultant” rather than Lord and king? How would your life look different right now if you resolved to change?

Timothy Keller, Hidden Christmas (New York: Viking, 2016), 91-2.

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