“Good News of Great Joy,” Day 4: Angels Unawares

December 3, 2015

booklet_coverI recently created a 26-day Advent devotional booklet for my church called “Good News of Great Joy.” I will be posting a devotional from it each day between now and Christmas day. Enjoy!

Scripture: Luke 1:26-29; Hebrews 13:2

Notice in this Luke passage that there’s no mention of Gabriel having angel’s wings, shining brightly, or having a halo behind his head. Do you think  that Mary would have remained so calm if Gabriel appeared to her like that? No way! In fact, according to the Bible, more often than not, angels come to us as normal looking people.

Years ago, there was a popular TV show called Touched by an Angel, which depicted angels in this “normal” sort of way. The angels looked just like us—until the end of each episode, when they revealed themselves to unsuspecting humans with a light shining behind their heads.

xmas_angelMaybe you have a hard time believing in angels, but consider this: According to scripture, It’s possible you’ve met one without even knowing it! God uses angels, seen or unseen, to send us messages and to help fight our spiritual battles.

Do you think you’ve encountered a real-life angel? 

Whether you have or haven’t, you can be sure that God often speaks to us through others. Can you name a time in your life when God spoke to you through someone else? How did you discern that the message was from God? Do you think that you could be God’s messenger to someone else?

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