“Supplying Every Need,” Day 12: Pray boldly!

November 6, 2015

cover_graphic3I recently created a 14-day devotional booklet for my church called “Supplying Every Need.” We’re using it to prepare for our upcoming Stewardship Commitment Sunday on November 8. I will be posting a devotional each day between now and then. Enjoy!

Scripture: Luke 11:5-13

My wife, Lisa, has an older brother, Frank. When she was away at college at Auburn, Frank was away at college at Georgia Southern. Their dad would periodically send them money when they were at school—which they would use to buy food and other necessities. Since Frank considered beer a necessity, he always managed to spend more money than Lisa.

So a few times a year, Frank would call her: “Hey! Can you call Dad and ask for money? And then when he sends it to you, can you send it to me?” And she’s would say, “Why don’t you call Dad and ask for money yourself?” And Frank would explain that he’d already called a couple of times and asked for money. It wouldn’t look good if he called again! Since Lisa never asks for money, he would gladly give her some.

And because Lisa was a good little sister, she did this for him.

Unfortunately, too many of us approach our heavenly Father the way Frank approached his earthly father: We don’t want to ask God for too much or too often. In fact, I’ve heard even pious Christians say that they don’t want to ask God for anything; rather, they pray that they could learn to “accept God’s will.”

Obviously, this isn’t at all what Jesus teaches his disciples to do. He wants us to ask!

Speaking as a father, I’m happy to give my children what they ask for—as long as it’s good for them; as long as giving it to them won’t harm anyone else.

God our Father isn’t less of a father than us human fathers! God will do things in response to our prayers that he wouldn’t do if we don’t ask.

So let’s pray boldly, especially during this stewardship season: Let’s pray that God will enable our church to have all the money we need to accomplish all the ministry that God wants us to accomplish. Let’s pray that we can be more generous with our own money, believing that God will supply all our needs.

If you’re a parent, think about the joy you’ve experienced in giving your children what they ask for. Remind yourself: God is my Father. It brings him joy to give me what I ask for. 

Or if you’re not a parent, think of a time you received something from your parents that made you deeply happy. Remind yourself: My heavenly Father wants to make me happy in that same way.

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