“Supplying Every Need,” Day 9: Debtors to God

November 3, 2015

cover_graphic3I recently created a 14-day devotional booklet for my church called “Supplying Every Need.” We’re using it to prepare for our upcoming Stewardship Commitment Sunday on November 8. I will be posting a devotional each day between now and then. Enjoy!

Scripture: Deuteronomy 8:17-18

We live in a culture that values the so-called “self-made man or woman”: the person who “pulls himself up by his own bootstraps.”

If you don’t believe me, pay attention to the way that presidential candidates of both parties tell their life stories. It’s as if they’re trying to prove that nobody handed them anything; they earned everything. They had to overcome great obstacles in order to be successful.

And I’m sure they did work hard, but…

The truth is, when we consider what we contribute to our success versus what God contributes, it’s not even close: We’re all deeply indebted to God. We’re all blessed by God beyond measure.

Think about it: Our heavenly Father has given us the gift of life and breath; the gift of time and health; the gift of this amazing world which supports our lives so well; the gift of this great nation; the gift of our mothers and fathers and family; the gift of teachers and coaches, doctors and nurses—people who’ve cared for us, looked out for us, and sacrificed for us in order to shape us into the people we are today.

He’s given us the gift of our talents and skills, which enable us to do meaningful work and create beautiful things. He’s given us the gift of music, literature, dance, art, and technology. He’s given us the gift of friendship. He’s given us the gift of romantic love.

And of course he’s given us the gift of his Son Jesus, who made a way for us to become his beloved sons and daughters through faith.

Our Father gives and gives and gives. And he asks us, in return, to also give. But even a tithe—ten percent of our income—is infinitesimally small compared to what he gives us.

Do you ever forget or take for granted the many gifts that God has given you? Take a moment right now to thank God for five specific gifts that he’s given you.

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