“Supplying Every Need,” Day 2: Financial giving is one way we say “thank you, God”

October 27, 2015

cover_graphic3I recently created a 14-day devotional booklet for my church called “Supplying Every Need.” We’re using it to prepare for our upcoming Stewardship Commitment Sunday on November 8. I will be posting a devotional each day between now and then. Enjoy!

Scripture: Luke 8:1-3

My friend Keith and I arrived at the concert venue early, as soon as the doors opened, because we wanted to make sure we got the best spot for the show. My favorite band was playing. I left Keith to “hold my spot” near the stage while I went to the concession stand. There was only one person in line in front of me: the lead singer of the band! She was dressed inconspicuously, in street clothes, and the people milling about in the lobby didn’t recognize her. But I did—and I was standing right behind her!

I was tongue-tied for a few moments. Standing in front of me, after all, was this person whose music has brought me so much joy over the years! What on earth would I say to her? Before I could figure it out, another fan recognized her, as did several others. Soon there was a crowd.

So I missed my chance.

Of course, all I wanted to say to her… all I needed to say… was thank you. Thank you for blessing my life with your music.

Each of the women that Luke mentions in these three verses were saying “thank you” to Jesus. They had been healed by him, and their way of saying “thank you” was by “providing for them [i.e., Jesus and his disciples] out of their means.” These women were literally underwriting Jesus’ ministry. They made it possible for Jesus to leave behind the carpentry shop, and Peter, James, and John to leave behind the fishing nets, in order to focus on the work of God’s kingdom.

How have you been healed by Jesus? Does your financial giving reflect your gratitude for this healing? The next time the offering plate comes by, tell yourself: “The money I give is one important way I have to say thank you.”

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