Should evangelicals respond to homosexuality as they do divorce? Yes

July 6, 2015

Finally, a helpful insight about the analogy between divorce/remarriage and homosexual practice. Also, see the embedded link to Russell Moore’s fine post.

umc holiness

An article in the Los Angeles Times, written by Randall Balmer, an Episcopal priest, argued this past weekend that since evangelicals have conceded with divorce and remarriage that it’s high time they do the same with homosexuality.    It’s not a new argument, and from time to time it gets trotted out as evidence of evangelical hypocrisy.  Why, the left asks, do you extend grace and mercy to those who are divorced and yet refuse to do the same to those who are homosexual?   After all, they continue, Jesus was very clear about the sinfulness of divorce while saying nothing about homosexuality.  

Laying aside, at least here, that at the foundation of this sort of reasoning is this idea that since we excuse one sin we should excuse another, I want to share one way in which I hope Balmer is right, and that those of…

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3 Responses to “Should evangelicals respond to homosexuality as they do divorce? Yes”

  1. Grant Essex Says:

    Same old story. The practicing LGBT, who claims to be a Christian, doesn’t want to change. They darn sure don’t think they should repent. They want for their sexual preferences to be “taken off the list of sins by the church”.
    A church can do that. But THE CHURCH, as defined in the NT never changes. It is the body of Christ.

  2. Excellent article — thanks for posting this, pastor. I’ve shared it on social media. It is the taboo in the church against those who are same-sex attracted even being able to say so and seek support to walk a celibate life that is the least talked about aspect of the entire homosexuality conversation.

  3. Grant Essex Says:

    Here’s another interesting article:

    “The State” is a term I am growing to fear.

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