Should evangelicals respond to homosexuality as they do divorce? Yes

July 6, 2015

Finally, a helpful insight about the analogy between divorce/remarriage and homosexual practice. Also, see the embedded link to Russell Moore’s fine post.

3 Responses to “Should evangelicals respond to homosexuality as they do divorce? Yes”

  1. Grant Essex Says:

    Same old story. The practicing LGBT, who claims to be a Christian, doesn’t want to change. They darn sure don’t think they should repent. They want for their sexual preferences to be “taken off the list of sins by the church”.
    A church can do that. But THE CHURCH, as defined in the NT never changes. It is the body of Christ.

  2. Excellent article — thanks for posting this, pastor. I’ve shared it on social media. It is the taboo in the church against those who are same-sex attracted even being able to say so and seek support to walk a celibate life that is the least talked about aspect of the entire homosexuality conversation.

  3. Grant Essex Says:

    Here’s another interesting article:

    “The State” is a term I am growing to fear.

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