Resurrection means that God redeems this ordinary life

kellerThis comes from Tim Keller’s book on Mark’s gospel, Jesus the King. He’s writing about the meaning of resurrection:

If you can’t dance and you long to dance, in the resurrection you’ll dance perfectly. If you’re lonely, in the resurrection you will have perfect love. If you’re empty, in the resurrection you will be fully satisfied. Ordinary life is what’s going to be redeemed. There’s nothing better than ordinary life, except that it’s always going away and always falling apart. Ordinary life is food and work and chairs by the fire and hugs and dancing and mountains—this world. God loves it so much that he gave his only Son so we—and the rest of this ordinary world—could be redeemed and made perfect. And that’s what is in store for us.

Timothy Keller, Jesus the King (New York: Riverhead, 2011), 245.

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