Video-based “Peace with God” gospel tract

March 12, 2015

I like what the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has done with its old “Peace with God” gospel tract. At last night’s confirmation class for our youth, I showed this video, which comes from part of its presentation. For whatever it’s worth, I’m far more theologically sophisticated than I was when I was 14, but the classic “bridge” analogy still holds.

As Pope Benedict XVI said a few years ago,

if [humanity’s] first, fundamental relationship is disturbed—his relationship with God—then nothing else can be truly in order. This is where the priority lies in Jesus’ message and ministry: before all else, he wants to point man toward the essence of his malady, and to show him—if you are not healed there, then however many good things you may find, you are not truly healed.

I’m relieved to say that my preaching over the past few years reflects this priority.

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