“The jihadis can destroy nothing but the body”

December 1, 2014


I’ve preached about Canon Andrew White, the “Vicar of Baghdad,” a couple of times before. His faith, his courage, and his witness are an inspiration. Here, Archbishop Cranmer reflects on the decision by Archbishop Justin Welby, the spiritual leader of the Church of England, to bring White home in the wake of ISIS’s $57 million bounty on his head. Much to digest here, but let’s start with this:

[White] has no fear of ISIS personally, and has said so many times. He knows that at an appointed time he will go to be with the Lord in eternity, and that the jihadis can destroy nothing but his body, which is already ravaged and weary with Multiple Sclerosis. His witness throughout his own suffering has been manifest; his courage consistent; his sacrifice of love profound. His love of Jesus radiates like laser of light in a world of darkness and shadows. “I’ve been shot at and bombed and they’ve tried to blow me up,” he says. “People say, ‘Aren’t you afraid where you are?’ Never, not one day; I love it. I feel really sad that I’m not there now.”

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