God As Author And Sustainer With Regard to Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide

October 13, 2014

My friend Brandon Blake elaborated on my post regarding Brittany Maynard by adding an insight from Gilbert Meilaender. I like Meilaender’s analogy of an author’s relationship to his artistic work: The work depends entirely on its creator, the author, although the author grants characters in his “work” the freedom to be true to their natures. They contradict their natures, however, when they try to bring the story to its conclusion on their own, rather than allow the author to do so.

The Atom Panopticon

My facebook friend Brent White has an excellent post on one of the biggest news stories of the week, the story of Brittnay Maynard. You can read his post here.

In the the first paragraph White says this:

Given the tone of this article, which was reprinted in USA Today and received much sympathetic approval on social media, I find myself strangely unmoved by this 29-year-old cancer patient’s decision to end her life later this month. Whatever else her decision may be, it is deeply unchristian. It denies the fact that God gives us each moment of life as a gift. It also denies that God could have any purpose for permitting someone to suffer—what Tim Keller rightly calls God’s “causal relationship with suffering.”

I want to add to his point about “God giving us each moment of our lives.” Most of the time words or something to that…

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