“The Lord’s Prayer” performed by the birthday girl

April 3, 2014

Doris Day, whose voice is an amazing gift from God, celebrates her 90th birthday today. To mark the occasion, I’m posting this song from her 1962 inspirational album, You’ll Never Walk Alone. This isn’t the familiar tune we normally hear in church, written by Albert Hay Malotte. Instead, as the label indicates, it’s credited to Martin Broones, an arranger who had worked on other Day albums.

Except for the organ, this less bombastic version is more in keeping with Day’s popular singing style—although she could sing the phonebook and sound great! Enjoy!

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  1. Jennifer Anderson Says:

    She can even sing over (and out) an organ. I have some iTunes shopping to do tomorrow. DD would make me choke up when I was younger than Tom. Her voice is truly a gift.

    • brentwhite Says:

      “Gift” is right! Her voice, which is so pure and clean, also has a lot of personality and charm. She always suited her voice to serve the song—even when that meant not sounding “pretty.” Listen, for example, to “Deadwood Stage” or “Doing What Comes Naturally.” Those are bold performances! Today’s warblers can’t come close to that! That “Golden Girl: Columbia Recordings 1944-1966” compilation is excellent. I’m currently collecting her on vinyl.

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