I’m now a BibleGateway blogger

December 14, 2013

Sometimes on Facebook I’ll post a status update indicating my satisfaction with a product, high-tech gadget, or service. When I do, I’ll say, “I’m not being paid to say this, but I can be bought.” In fact, a couple of times I’ve even posted my satisfaction with BibleGateway—for example, when they added the new Common English Bible to their large treasury of Bible translations. Or when they added the NRSV. (Prior to BibleGateway, the NRSV was only available online through a very clunky web interface.)

BibleGateway is, by far, the best online Bible resource I’ve used. For a few years now, I’ve linked my scripture references on this blog exclusively to BibleGateway. And today, as you can see from the badge in the upper left sidebar of this blog, I’m proud to be a part of the BibleGateway Blogger Grid.

No, they’re not paying me to say this, but they are retweeting my blog posts and linking to my blog from their website—all in exchange for doing what I’ve been doing for years anyway: pointing people to their website. That’s a good deal!

If you’re a serious Bible student, you probably already use BibleGateway. If you haven’t found BibleGateway yet, I urge you to check them out. They will bless your life.

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