If only more pastors read and quoted C.S. Lewis!

October 18, 2013

Recently, a far more popular Methodist pastor-blogger than I am quoted C.S. Lewis. Only he didn’t just quote C.S. Lewis. He prefaced the quote with these words: “Normally I hate pastors who quote C.S. Lewis so forgive me.”

To which this child of the ’80s says, “Gag me with a spoon!”

You, my humble readers, know how much I adore C.S. Lewis, and that I quote him without apology. Regardless, this blogger was being a snob, and I told him so. He replied that C.S. Lewis quotes are “omnipresent among pastors” who are apparently too “lazy” or uninformed to quote the authors that he likes.

In reply, I wrote the following: [click on graphic to expand]


In case this pastor ever reads this, I think he’s a really good writer—good enough to get under my skin, at least. Not everyone can do that. He’s in the same club as Rachel Held Evans!

So consider this blog post a backhanded compliment.

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