“I don’t have enough words to give God the glory”

Here is a video from last Friday, a “graduation service” for the pastors that the Rev. Dr. Susan Taylor and I taught. The last speaker is Pastor Ososo, a district superintendent from Nairobi. He said, “I don’t know why I was chosen to represent the country to say ‘thank you.’ I was thinking I was the least of all because I am tongue-tied to what God has done for all of us. I am tongue-tied. I don’t have enough words to give God the glory.” What a blessing, as you can see!

By the way, all the pastors I met and taught are apprehensive about the upcoming election in Kenya on March 4. The results of the last election, in 2007, were widely disputed. Thousands of Kenyans were killed in the resulting violence that swept the country. Since that time, Kenya has adopted a new constitution. And churches in Kenya, including some leaders from my class, have worked closely with government officials and others to help ensure peace this time.

If you can, pray for a peaceful election in Kenya this March 4.

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