“Christmas 42”: A new Christmas song

December 26, 2012
Getting ready for my Christmas sermons at my favorite coffee shop.

Getting ready for Christmas this year at my favorite coffee shop.

I finished this Christmas song yesterday—Christmas Day 2012. I called it “Christmas 42,” thinking this was my 42nd Christmas (I’m 42). My wife immediately pointed out, of course, that this is actually my 43rd Christmas, since I was less than one year old at Christmas of 1970. Whatever. My brain doesn’t work that way. So it’s “Christmas 42,” as in Christmas at age 42. 😉

I don’t know how to write a proper Christmas song, and, despite my best efforts, all my songs sound the same. But I hope you’ll appreciate that the part with the bells after I sing, “Here comes the Christmas part.” A Christmas song ought to have bells!

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  1. snewton Says:

    Love the song! And yes, I love the bells!

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