Finishing up our work in Kenya

September 13, 2012

I thought that teaching church history, Wesleyan theology, and Methodist doctrine to a group of indigenous pastors in Kenya would be difficult. Instead, it was easy—and one of the greatest joys of my  life. God is good. Yesterday, we completed our work and led the pastors in a worship service. We reaffirmed our baptism, celebrated Holy Communion, and gave out course completion certificates.

Susan and I taught these pastors the equivalent of our United Methodist “License to Preach” curriculum. We believe strongly that these pastors are now well-equipped to perform all the duties of a local pastor—including the sacraments. With their bishop’s approval, which we expect to happen, they will soon be able to baptize and preside over the Lord’s Supper. Whatever they do, they will be able to minister on a strong Methodist foundation.

I hope to share more photos and video of my trip in the next several days. (I look forward to having reliable wi-fi again!) Here’s a screen grab of our reaffirmation of baptism service yesterday.

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