Bound for Kenya

I’m currently at the Amsterdam airport en route to Kenya. For the next eight days or so, I’ll be teaching Wesleyan theology and Methodist history to a group of 40 indigenous United Methodist pastors. The United Methodist Church is growing explosively in Kenya. We can’t start churches fast enough or train and equip pastors fast enough. I’m a part of the training and equipping effort.

If the wi-fi works, I’ll post updates each day on my blog.

My 12-year-old daughter is a little worried about my travels, as you can see.

4 thoughts on “Bound for Kenya”

  1. I agree with Elisa. Watch those lions!! And thank you for teaching our Sunday School class last Sunday. Perhaps you may visit us again on your return to tell us about Kenya. Safe travels and God bless you and your co-workers.

  2. Safe travels, Brent. The Kenyans are in good hands with you. Maybe they can give you some long distance running lessons while you are there!

  3. I hear trampling by elephants is also a concern…seriously, have a wonderful trip. We are praying for you!

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