More on Wesley in the Georgia colony

This vacation has been a surprisingly good Wesleyan mini-pilgrimage. I told you last week about Reynolds Square in Savannah. I also stumbled upon another Wesley historic site: next to the parking lot at the Fort Pulaski national monument, on a small island near Savannah called Cockspur Island, was this Georgia historical marker (click to expand):

Read this sign carefully. Wesley, still very early in his ministry, must have felt like a failure: “I shook off the dust of my feet and left Georgia, having preached the Gospel there (not as I ought, but as I was able) one year and nearly nine months.”

Wesley’s failure in Georgia should inspire us pastors and preachers during those times when we struggle in our appointments.

About a quarter mile from the historical marker is this monument, near where Wesley landed in the New World. He and his landing party, including Gen. Oglethorpe, prayed together on this spot.

The monument excerpts this journal entry describing his landing in the Georgia colony (click to expand):

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