Where does this courage come from?

This guy gets on national TV for taking a 30-minute stroll! He wasn’t even walking very fast!

You’ll hear more about daredevil Nik Wallenda’s historic tightrope-walk across Niagara Falls if you read or watch my sermon from last week, which I’ll post later today. Here is the complete video from ABC.

Yeah, I know… Scoffers will point out that he had a safety harness—a precondition for ABC’s broadcast of the event. The network didn’t want to risk having a man fall to his death on national TV. Of course Wallenda didn’t end up needing the harness—which he knew going into it. But watch the video: you just can’t take anything away from his accomplishment.

As I said in my sermon, the courage to do something like this comes from faith and prayer. Throughout the crossing, we the viewer eavesdrop on Wallenda’s prayers. Except for when he calmly chatting up the news anchors—never mind that he was 20 stories above Niagara Falls!—or talking to his dad, his safety consultant, he prayed continuously, thanking Jesus and his heavenly Father for opportunity and for “the view” of the Falls that he was enjoying.

Wow! Just… wow. What amazing courage! And I hasten to add, what a powerful witness for Jesus Christ. God’s blessings on you, Nik. You are an inspiration!

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