The Old Testament for “everyone” or…?

This Sunday I’m preaching an Old Testament passage—I know, I know… It’s been too long. I’m preaching on the call of a very reluctant, very ambiguous hero named Gideon from Judges 6. As you may know, I’m a fan of N.T. Wright’s For Everyone New Testament commentary series. I’m pleased that Westminster John Knox expanded the series to include the Old Testament as well, using an Old Testament scholar named John Goldingray.

I’m sure the commentary is great. (I just removed it from its Amazon box.) But get a load of this cover! Is it really the Old Testament for everyone, or just really attractive young people?

4 thoughts on “The Old Testament for “everyone” or…?”

    1. Yep. The NT series, originally published in Britain, had plenty of good-looking people, but they represented more diversity in age, at least.

      I’m not sure if I’m good-looking enough to read this.

  1. Well, a few really attractive young people. I did notice there was a guy, middle of the back row, who probably is a little more sensitive to his age than say front row center.

    P.S. In terms of power, middle of the back row is the weakest position in the line up. Want to guess the most powerful spot?

    On a more serious note. Do give us your take on the content. The hype is easy to work around.

    1. But even the guy in the back is only middle-aged, I think. I didn’t know that about power. The way this shot is framed, I would say center-front, but I don’t know…

      I’m confident the content is good. The NT series is awesome. If there’s anything quotable that jumps out at me while I read it, I’ll post it.

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