Hauerwas on Jesus’ temptations

The following comes from his Brazos Theological Commentary on Matthew 4. (We’re looking at Luke’s version of the story this Sunday.)

The devil is but another name for our impatience. We want bread, we want to force God’s hand to rescue us, we want peace—and we want all this now. But Jesus is our bread, he is our salvation, and he is our peace. That he is so requires that we learn to wait with him in a world of hunger, idolatry, and war to witness to the kingdom that is God’s patience. The Father will have the kingdom present one small act at a time. That is what it means for us to be an apocalyptic people, that is, a people who believe that Jesus’ refusal to accept the devil’s terms for the world’s salvation has made it possible for a people to exist that offers an alternative time to a world that believes we have no time to be just.

Stanley Hauerwas, Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible: Matthew (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press, 2006), 55.

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