About the new Vinebranch coffee mug

Wouldn't you love to drink coffee from this mug?

One challenge we’ve had in our Vinebranch service is collecting information on visitors. It’s my fault. I haven’t made it a priority. I invite people to fill out a visitor’s information card, but you know how that goes… I haven’t been deliberate enough about following up on visitors even when we receive their information.

Why? Do I not want them to feel welcome? Even more importantly, do I not care whether or not they are in a saving relationship with Christ? The best way to find out how I can most effectively minister to them is through a personal relationship. How can that even begin if I don’t know who they are?

To that end, I’m pleased to present this coffee mug…

It’s not much. But it’s a gift for first time visitors. Starting this Sunday, I’ll announce that I would love to meet any first-time visitors in the narthex after the service—and to present them with this gift as a way of thanking them for coming. While I’m at it, I can make sure that they filled out a visitor’s card.

If you’re a member or regular visitor in Vinebranch, you may notice that I’m asking everyone to fill out the information card—which may seem redundant and unnecessary. In part I’m asking you to do this because I want visitors not to feel put on the spot when they’re filling out their information.

Make sense? I don’t know a better way to do it. If you have any ideas, let me know!

But you gotta admit: this coffee mug rules!

3 thoughts on “About the new Vinebranch coffee mug”

    1. Thanks, Carol. I should mention on that on the other side of the mug is service times and web info. In the chair racks, we now have a “Welcome” card, with a message from me and info about joining, etc. Both of these things you suggested, of course. So thanks!

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