“Just give me plain, baby-Jesus-lying-in-a-manger Christmas!”

The look on Jim's face (on left) is classic!

Every year, the folks at NBC’s The Office serve up a special batch of Christmas cheer with their annual Christmas episode. These episodes are usually among the best of the season. Last Thursday’s was no exception.

The premise is that manager Andy Bernard is trying to personally fulfill each employee’s holiday wish. Or should I say Christmas wish?

The following is an excerpt from the cold opening. The employees are gathered in the conference room.

Andy: “Who’s excited to get their holiday wishes?”

Stanley, under his breath: “Holiday wishes.”

Andy: “What’s that, Stanley?”

Stanley, looking up from crossword: “We know exactly what holiday you’re referring to.”

Andy: “It is important to be mindful of all belief systems at our holiday party.

Stanley: “I’ve been here 18 years and have suffered through some weird thematic Christmases: a Honolulu Christmas, a Pulp Fiction Christmas, a Muslim Christmas, Moroccan Christmas, Mo Rocca Christmas. I don’t want it. Christmas is Christmas is Christmas is Christmas… I don’t want no Kwanzaa wreath. I don’t need a dreidel in my face. That’s its own thing. And who’s that black Santa for? I don’t care! I know Santa ain’t black. I could care less! I want Christmas! Just give me plain, baby-Jesus-lying-in-a-manger Christmas!”

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