I wish I Tebowed more!

Why does this image offend anyone?

If your name has become synonymous with kneeling in prayer, then I suspect you’re doing something right.

Here’s a recent New York Times article on the swirling controversy surrounding Denver Broncos starting quarterback Tim Tebow. The article says that Americans are more divided than ever over Tebow’s outspoken Christian faith. The controversy came to a head recently after a Detroit Lion defender sacked Tebow and, in a tasteless, mocking gesture, knelt in faux-prayer.

Whatever… Tebow’s a tough guy. I’m sure he’s taking it in stride.

The article suggests that you either love Tebow or you hate him. If that’s the case, put me down in the “love” column. I would be bothered by Tebow’s public displays of faith—not that they seem any more prominent than those of many other Christian athletes—if I sensed that there was anything phony or self-righteous about them. But I don’t.

And I think this lack of hypocrisy is what bothers some people more than anything else! Suppose Tim Tebow genuinely believes what he says he believes? Is he for real?

Of course he is. That Tebow’s sincerity bothers so many people is a measure of our phony and superficial culture.

I aspire to be as real as Tebow!

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