“Roman Road” sermon series all in one place

I like this blog because in cyberspace I can pretend that my life and work are so neat and tidy. (If only you could see my desk!)

Here are the ten sermons I preached this summer for our ambitious 12-part “Roman Road” series. Two of them were preached by Rev. Larisa Parker, so you’ll have to go to her blog for those. I’m kidding. She doesn’t really have a blog. Tell her that she can’t create one with an IBM Selectric!

Rembrandt's Paul. He wouldn't really have been writing in a book.

Roman Road, Part 1: I Am Not Ashamed Romans 1:16-17

Roman Road, Part 2: God Gave Them Up Romans 1:18-32

Roman Road, Part 3: The Faithfulness of Christ Romans 3:21-31

Roman Road, Part 5: Peace With God Romans 5:1-8

Roman Road, Part 7: The Law of Sin Romans 7:14-25

Roman Road, Part 8: No Condemnation Romans 8:1-11

Roman Road, Part 9: We Are Debtors Romans 8:12-25

Roman Road, Part 10: If God Is for Us Romans 8:26-39

Roman Road, Part 11: Great Sadness and Constant Pain Romans 9:1-5

Roman Road, Part 12: God Who Shows Mercy Romans 9:14-25

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