Prayer for breast cancer research and funding

I offered the following prayer today at North Fulton Hospital’s “Power of Pink” fundraiser luncheon for breast cancer research.

Almighty God, in whom we live and move and have our being, we give you our thanks and praise for your beautiful gift of life and the means by which to enjoy it. Life is a precious gift, and, as we know all too painfully well, it is also fragile. May we never take it for granted. Our hearts are heavy when we think of friends and loved ones who struggle daily for good health, including those who battle breast cancer. We hold in our hearts loved ones who have lost this battle, at least for now—although they rest safely in your care. Give strength and comfort to others who continue to fight for this gift of life.

May their courage inspire us as we work to beat this terrible disease. Enable us to bring our best resources to bear on the problem. Continue to inspire, motivate, and guide talented doctors, scientists, nurses, and other medical care professionals to use the gifts you’ve given them to work for more effective treatments and, we hope, for a cure. Inspire those of us who, although we have different vocations, are being called right now to give our financial gifts. Make us faithful stewards of all the gifts you’ve given us.

We pray your blessings on the money that we raise through these and other efforts. May this money be used to save the lives of your children who are in need. Amen.

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