This Sunday in Vinebranch… Why hell?

This Sunday in Vinebranch we begin a two-part sermon series entitled “Heaven and Hell.” The springboard for this series is Rob Bell’s controversial bestseller on the subject, Love Wins. I’ll be referring to the book occasionally, as well as to some of Bell’s critics.

Hell is a classic Christian doctrine that most of us would rather avoid talking about. Yet Christianity has taught from the beginning that eternal separation from God is a real and frightening prospect. And most of what we know about hell is informed by the words of Jesus himself.

How do we make sense of this doctrine today? Is hell compatible with God’s love? How does the bad news of hell square with the rest of the gospel—which, after all, means “good news”? Where do we get it wrong when it comes to our understanding of hell? I’ll deal with these questions and more in a two-part sermon series that begins this Sunday: “Heaven and Hell.” This Sunday’s scripture is Mark 9:38-50.

I’ll also be taking texted questions from the congregation. If you go to Vinebranch, come with your questions!

In the meantime, enjoy this message that I posted on Facebook this week. Click to enlarge.

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