Blurb about being a Christian?

Ugh! I have to write a few short paragraphs welcoming visitors to our church’s Vinebranch service. It’s for a new brochure. We finally installed the equivalent of pew racks on back of each chair in the Vinebranch Chapel, and I want to put this “welcome” brochure in them.

What meaningful thing do you say about Jesus, the Christian faith, and the church in such a small space? What can you say that isn’t filled with clichés and jargon?

Here’s what I came up with. Feel free to add your thoughts.

Welcome to Vinebranch at Alpharetta First United Methodist! We pray that you encounter God through this worship service, and that you feel welcome and at home.

We believe strongly that in Jesus Christ, we find nothing less than the meaning of life, and that through Christ we experience love, lasting happiness, and the power to become everything we were created to be. We believe that the most important decision we can make in life is to follow Jesus as his disciple.

Following Jesus, however, isn’t a one-time decision: it’s a choice we make daily, hourly, and moment-by-moment. And it can be difficult. God doesn’t want us to do it alone. That’s why we have each other. That’s why we have the church.

We hope that Alpharetta Methodist will love and support you as you begin or continue your journey of Christian faith.

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