Prayer for Relay for Life

May 21, 2011

I’m a volunteer police chaplain for the Alpharetta Police. In that role, I was asked to offer a prayer for last night’s Alpharetta Relay for Life walk. Relay for Life is organized by the American Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research. This was the prayer I prayed:

Merciful God, in whom we live and move and have our being, we give you our thanks and praise for the gift of life that you give each of us. Every heartbeat, every breath we take, every moment of life we enjoy is an ongoing, gracious gift from you. Help us to live not with a sense of entitlement but with a sense of your graciousness, never taking for granted this good gift of life, but instead using it to love, serve, comfort, heal, and encourage others. May all the money raised here today be used to that good end. Bless these many volunteers. Keep them strong, healthy, and well-hydrated as they walk for others.

Bless those cancer survivors who are with us this evening, whose own battle against this terrible disease inspires us. Give them continued health. Even as we celebrate their victories, our hearts are heavy as we remember loved ones who didn’t win that fight. Comfort, encourage, and strengthen everyone who grieves this day. Give us the faith to see that in you death, suffering, and evil do not have the last word. Love has the last word. For the sake of this love we are here. For the sake of this love we will walk. And for the sake of this love we will work—until this disease can no longer claim another victim. With hearts overflowing with love, we humbly pray. Amen.

20 Responses to “Prayer for Relay for Life”

  1. Jane rogers Says:

    Thank you, Brent!

  2. Ryan Pusch Says:

    this is a really nice prayer! I’m going to steal it for a relay for life in lake benton, MN tomorrow, so thanks!

  3. mkrabbe Says:

    Borrowing and adapting your awesome prayer for the relay for life walk in Galveston today. Hope that’s ok. Thanks for your wonderful words!

  4. Alisa Danon Kaplan Says:

    I, too, borrowed and adapted your words for a celebration of life for cancer survivors at Saint Barnabas Medical Center yesterday. Thank you for your inspirational words.

  5. Judy Parsells Says:

    Adapting your prayer for our Relay for LIfe Kick-off Dinner.
    Orange County, NY

  6. Sammy Crosby Says:

    I’m adapting your prayer for a Relay for Life event here in Houston.

  7. Lorah Houser Jankord Says:

    Hope it is okay I’m using your prayer tonight in Redfield, SD. (I will definitely give you the credit) Thanks for your special words.

  8. jsmith141jay Says:

    I too am using parts of your prayer for my prayer tomorrow at the beginning of our Relay For Life in Winchester, VA. God bless you.

  9. jewel brock Says:

    Great prayer! Like many others I too am using parts of your prayer at the beginning of our relay for Life in Bardstown, Kentucky. J. Brock.

  10. Pastor Jim Brown Says:

    Thank you for making this prayer available. I am going to offer the invocation for the Butler County Relay of Life Ceremony tonight here in Northeastern Iowa. Again, thanks for letting so many adopt and use this prayer.

  11. Pastor Cory Germain Says:

    Came across this as inspiration for the invocation I’m giving at Relay for Life in Fairmont, MN tomorrow evening. Very well-worded!

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