A different take on that Rob Bell book

Would someone please lend me the book, so I don’t have to buy it?

Someone lent Kevin a copy, and here’s what he had to say about it. Amidst all the criticism coming Bell’s way, Mr. Hargaden is understandably concerned about piling on, but he needn’t be. What I liked about this review is that he criticizes Bell from the other direction—not that Bell was bold and thought-provoking (or reckless and heretical, depending on your point of view), but that he was timid and soft in the head. I’ll have to read the book and find out if Kevin is off his rocker, but I’m guessing he’s not. (I’ve never read a Rob Bell book myself.) In the meantime, read his post and see what you think.

I’m inclined to like him, however, just based on the fashionable enemies he’s made.

2 thoughts on “A different take on that Rob Bell book”

  1. Go ahead and just buy it. Then you can lend it to someone else. People need to read it before they get upset about it. I bought it as soon as it came out and loved it. I love books about our faith that stir up this discussion. I blogged about it a couple weeks ago and got some incredibly heated comments, but only from those who hadn’t read the book but assumed that they knew what was in it. The two things that I liked most – 1 – That salvation comes through Jesus, but if Jesus can be the rock that the water came from in the Old Testament, he is working in people and in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine. 2 – that hell is rehabilitative, not merely punitive.

    I first learned about the book on your blog, then found all kinds of discussion on it. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

    One more thing – I finally made a decision on seminary. Candler was in the running, but I ended up choosing Duke. I’m very excited!!


  2. Great! Congratulations on seminary. I’m sure Duke is fine and probably has a better Methodist concentration. I spent exactly zero seconds deliberating about where to go, simply because I didn’t want to leave the state. Plus I got a nice scholarship.

    I agree wholeheartedly with point #1 and hope that point #2 is correct.

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