Is Protestantism still a good idea? (Part 3)

Following up on a couple of posts, here and here, I point you to Kevin Hargaden’s post about the “cool kids” switching churches. In the comments section of that post, yours truly said something that will be my final word on the subject, before I return to my happy ecumenical self. I wanted to say this in my earlier posts…

If someone were thinking about abandoning one church tradition for another, how can they be certain of their motives? Have they exhausted the wellspring of their own tradition, such that it no longer offers them any spiritual nourishment? Or are they bored? Here’s my comment.

Well said! I’ve known a few people who’ve crossed the Tiber, and that EWTN show makes me want to puke. The best reason to stay in the tradition in which we find ourselves is the hubris required to leave: “I’m better and smarter and holier than those dumb Methodists [or fill in the blank] who don’t understand how impoverished their tradition is.” Give me a break! Besides, the novelty wears off, right? At some point, in order to grow as a disciple of Jesus, one must still do the hard work of discipleship. Everyone is looking for a shortcut for that, but there is no shortcut.

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