The Opiate Mass

Is this something? I think it might be. In fact, I think I might love it. I certainly love the idea of it—the spirit of early Pink Floyd (or, assuming these kids don’t know where they come from, at least the many bands who followed in their wake) wedded to church music. I like the name, too. Said Tara Ward, a member of the band:

We mourned about how we don’t get to use our gifts in a worshipful way that often—it’s worshipful in the sense of leading others in worship, but it doesn’t take advantage of the full expanse of our talent, the glory of putting our fullest ability into something that is praise. We were also griping about modern worship, about the happy-clappy praise music that feels like an implant from the South or the East, and about how Seattle culture doesn’t seem to fit in this worship culture. We were amazed at the phenomenon of Compline at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, at how it’s more contemplative and how people who wouldn’t associate themselves with a Christian church still come and the church is packed every week.


The Opiate Mass from The Other Journal on Vimeo.

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