“Normal, natural, and reasonable”

Here’s a nice thought from fellow United Methodist pastor Dan Dick:

Evangelism, at its very best, is an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships where the transformative good news of Jesus Christ is natural, normal, and reasonable to share.

Normal, natural, and reasonable… I like that. This means, among other things, that evangelism shouldn’t be something that forces us far outside of our comfort zone. I say “far outside” because, for many, even broaching the subject of religion and church with non-churchgoing friends might feel slightly uncomfortable. In my experience, whereas many people are open about other aspects of their lives—including formerly taboo subjects like politics and sex—nearly everyone is guarded about religion.

Regardless, if Dan’s statement is true, opportunities abound to invite friends and neighbors to church, or to speak openly in a loving, non-threatening way about our faith.

Here’s a thought: Do we ever find ourselves censoring our words to avoid speaking of faith or churchgoing in everyday conversation? That’s likely a sign that we are missing Spirit-led opportunities to witness. What do you think?

Dan R. Dick, Bursting the Bubble (Nashville: Abingdon, 2008), 96.

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