This week in Vinebranch

This Sunday in Vinebranch, we will continue our sermon series on families in the Bible with “Relatively Speaking, Part 5: God’s Family.” We discuss the family that we become part of through faith in Jesus Christ. The scripture is Mark 3:31-35. Plus we have a new video and special music related to the topic.

In what ways is church—our brothers and sisters in Christ—like our family? Do we ever think of ourselves as Christ’s brother or sister? Does that thought make us uncomfortable? What does it mean that blood is no longer thicker than water—at least as it relates to faith? Where do our personal loyalties compete or conflict with our faith in Christ?

Finally, consider Jesus’ response to rejection from both religious experts (see the entire story, vv. 21-35and his own family. How does he hold it together? Why doesn’t this rejection stress him out?

We’ll explore some of these questions on Sunday. See you there!

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