What makes your mother a hero?

One theme of my sermon on Sunday was that Rebekah was a hero—in part because, whatever else we say about her, she was a mother, doing her best under very difficult circumstances. The following are some of the texted responses from the congregation to the question, “What make your mother a hero?”

She is always there, and no matter what, she’s strong.

She always helps when I am sick.

My mother is a hero to me because she is the kindest person I’ve ever known.

She can fly and has super strength. But shhh… don’t tell anybody.

She put up with two boys.

She lets me sleep in and occasionally miss school when I’m having a bad day… Unlike Dad.

My mom is a hero to me because she cooks my food, and I like food.

She is always thinking others before herself, just like Jesus would.

She was raised in an orphanage and has little formal education, but has overcome many obstacles in spite of her childhood.

I can always look to her for fashion advice.

After everything she has been through, our mother has continued to take care of us and make us the number one priority in her life. <3

My mom is a hero because she put up with all the things I do in so many different places around town. And usually gets me there on time.

My mom made many sacrifices so that she could stay home with me and my sisters. It was not until I was an adult that I realized she put her own dreams on hold.

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  1. I know… Not to fear. Stephanie and band are going to learn it for the June 13 service, which is about Ruth and Naomi.

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