New sermon series, “Relatively Speaking,” starts this Sunday

May 5, 2010

Beginning this Sunday, May 9, Mother’s Day, and running through June 20, Father’s Day, we will be talking about families and family relationships in the Bible. The series is entitled, “Relatively Speaking.” Each week we’ll feature a short video with church members talking about their families and special music.

If you think your family has problems, wait until you see some of these families! The good news is that God loved and blessed them all.

Whether we are husbands or wives, mothers or fathers, sisters or brothers, sons or daughters, in-laws or out-laws, chances are we will see ourselves (and our own families) in the Bible’s unblinking, honest portrayals of families.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, “Relatively Speaking, Part 1,” will focus on a courageous mother named Rebekah. Scripture will be Genesis 25:19-28 and Genesis 27:1-17, 41-45.

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