This Sunday in Vinebranch

This Sunday is the third Sunday of Easter. The Lectionary gospel passage is John 21:1-19. As I’ve been studying and reflecting on this scripture, however, I think this passage is too rich for one sermon. There’s too much interesting stuff going on. This Sunday, I’ll focus on vv. 1-14, which deals with the disciples’ miraculous catch of fish and their encounter with the resurrected Lord. Next Sunday, I’ll focus on Peter’s reconciliation with Jesus and those curious words about the beloved disciple in vv. 15-25.

Daybreak at the Sea of Galilee. (See John 21.)

Why do you think the disciples decided to go fishing after the events of Easter Sunday—and the following week, when Jesus appeared to Thomas? (See John 20.) Is there more going on here than just fishing? Why the emphasis on this abundant catch? What’s the point? What do these verses have to say to us?

We’ll explore these questions and more on Sunday. See you there.

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