A song I wrote: “My Own Worst Critic”

November 18, 2009

I’ve struggled for most of my life with a small, nagging, hyper-critical voice in the back of mind that too often criticizes my words and actions: “You’re doing this wrong… No one cares what you have to say… People don’t like you…” No, it’s not a literal voice! I’m just susceptible to thoughts and feelings that lead to self-doubt. I suspect many of you can relate. By God’s grace, I’m learning to tune that voice out, and it’s not as loud as it once was. About six months ago I wrote and recorded a song about it called “My Own Worst Critic.” I’m going to play it with the Vinebranch band on Friday but readers of this blog can get a special sneak preview. (Ha!) Click the link below.

My Own Worst Critic

The words are as follows:

When I read your bad reviews

I don’t know why it’s still front-page news

That I give you the space to make your case against me

You hate me

Well it’s time for us to end

And I don’t know why I ever called you my friend

When you just put me down, stop hanging around with me

You hate me


Step off, step down, get bent, retire

Go away blow away, repent, get fired

Well, I’m shutting you out

And I know beyond a shadow of doubt

That you’re part of the past, I won’t let you outlast me

I’ll get free

Take the hinges off the door

Tell your friends I won’t be back anymore

I got nothing to hide, gonna go for a ride away

From you


And I won’t miss you accusing me

You kill all my bliss with all your blues-ing me

Better start losing me


Repeat chorus, etc.

I recorded and mixed it in GarageBand. I play all guitars and bass. I also sing. The drums were played by my Mac. (He’s not a fancy drummer, but he keeps a steady beat.) It’s not a professional recording, but I think it sounds O.K.


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