Here’s a funny video related to sermon on Luke 12:13-21

"Everything's great right now, and nobody's happy."

Tomorrow’s sermon is entitled, “The Giftedness of Life.” I’m probably going to refer to a portion of this video, which features comedian Louis CK, because I want us to think about all the good things in life that we so easily take for granted. I’m focusing on the bit about wi-fi on airplanes, but the whole thing is relevant. Hilarious!

One thought on “Here’s a funny video related to sermon on Luke 12:13-21”

  1. Great sermon…and the video clip was even funnier watching it after the fact. I like the part about thinking the world owes us something instead of viewing everything we have as a gift or treasure from God. I know it was about stewardship, but it also helped me gain clarity w/ everything going on over here.
    Thanks Brent for your perspective!

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