Online resources for guided prayer

November 5, 2009

I’ve mentioned both of these websites in previous sermons, but I wanted to link to them here. Since most of us spend at least some portion of our day in front of a computer, both of these websites are useful resources for weaving prayer into the fabric of our busy days.

daily_prayerThe first site is from Britain and is sponsored by many Christian churches there. It changes three times a day for morning, afternoon, and evening prayer time. It’s supposedly for “beginners” to prayer and the Christian faith, but perhaps when it comes to encountering God we’re all beginners.

The second site, from the Episcopal Church, is based on an ancient liturgy for praying taken from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer (which is also a part of our Wesleyan tradition). It changes based on the date and the time of day. I like it because it includes all scripture, readings, and prayers in one place. As you use it, you are joining with Christians all over the world in prayer.

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