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Sermon 09-28-14: “Bible Heroes, Part 8: David”

October 12, 2014

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we disciples of Jesus Christ often doubt. Maybe we don’t doubt God’s existence the way some people do, but we doubt that God has the power to make a difference in the challenges we face in life. What can we learn from today’s Bible hero, David, about trusting in God and his power to bring change?

Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 17:1a, 4-11, 19-23, 32-49

The following is my original sermon manuscript.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is the spiritual head of the Church of England. I love Justin Welby! He’s a plainspoken man—humble, down to earth; doesn’t put on airs, doesn’t take himself too seriously. Most importantly, he is a person of great Christian faith, which is obvious to everyone who knows him or knows of him. But he made headlines last week for an interview he gave in which he was asked the following question: “Do you ever doubt?” And he answered,

Justin Welby meets Queen on his first day in office

Yes I do… There are moments, sure… The other day I was praying over something while I was running and I ended up saying to God, ‘This is all very well, but isn’t it about time you did something, if you’re there,’ which is not probably what the Archbishop of Canterbury should say.”

See, I even like him for praying while he runs, which I also do!

Anyway, the British press had a field day with what they regarded as some stunning admission of doubt. One headline read, “Head of the Church of England doubts the existence of God.” Read the rest of this entry »