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Sermon 11-03-13: “Thank-You Note, Part 1: To Live Is Christ”

November 8, 2013
"St. Paul in Prison" by Rembrandt.

“St. Paul in Prison” by Rembrandt.

In the midst of great suffering in prison, the apostle Paul composed his most joy-filled letter, the letter to the Philipppians. How is Paul able to be joyful in the midst of hardship? Because Paul understands that God is redeeming his suffering, transforming it into something good for him and the world. As I argue in this sermon, we can always trust that God will do the same for us.

Sermon Text: Philippians 1:12-26

The following is my original sermon manuscript.

Many years ago I saw a concert by a singer-songwriter and church composer named Ken Medema. He plays piano and happens to be blind. At one point during the show he told the audience that he wanted to compose a song… spontaneously… on the spot. All he needed were some notes… any old notes would do. So he asked the audience to shout out random notes. He took the first four or five suggestions from the audience—it didn’t matter whether they sounded good together or not—and he began playing them on his piano, slowly at first, and then with greater confidence, arranging and rearranging them into different patterns until these random, sometimes dissonant notes were transformed into a discernible… melody. Read the rest of this entry »

Ken Medema, “Moses”

November 2, 2013

I’ve seen singer-songwriter and church composer Ken Medema in concert several times over the years. Medema is featured in hymns #2193 and #2221 our United Methodist Faith We Sing hymnal. And he’s blind, if that means anything to you.

I’m going to talk about him briefly in my sermon tomorrow. In the meantime, here he is performing one of his most popular songs.