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Sermon for 12-20-09: Joyful Waiting

December 22, 2009

Sermon Text: Luke 1:39-55

At the beginning of the service, I asked the question, “Did you ever try to find out what your Christmas gifts were before Christmas?” Based on your text messages, the overwhelming answer is, “yes,” with various numbers of exclamation points. One of you said you did so yesterday. Someone said, “I went through everything, including my parents’ car trunks and closets. It turned out they kept the presents at a neighbors!” Someone else said, “Yes. My dad is the worst at closing windows on the computer where eBay is pulled up.” I guess I’m not alone, then. When I was a child of nine, ten, eleven, I made it my mission to identify all of my Christmas presents before Christmas Eve, when my family exchanged gifts. I would look in closets, under beds, in drawers, in the trunks of cars—wherever my parents might have hidden things. I only had a brief window of time, however, in which to find presents before they were wrapped up and put under the tree.

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