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Sermon 03-02-14: “The Sin of Partiality”

March 14, 2014


What do we need to be happy—truly happy? We often show favoritism because we think we need people or possessions to “fill up our spiritual tank.” The truth is, nothing can satisfy our souls except God. He gives us everything we need, if only we’ll trust him!

Sermon Text: James 2:1-9

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I went to Disney World. We’ve had annual passes this past year, so we went one last time before they expire. Do you know about the “Fastpass” system? It enables you to make an appointment to ride a ride at a certain time, so you don’t have to wait in long lines.

Well, they’ve upgraded the system recently, and let’s just say they haven’t worked out all the bugs. So Lisa went to Guest Relations to complain—and this being Disney and all—they went above and beyond to help us. Basically, they gave us a stack of free Fastpasses that entitled us to go to the front of the line on any ride we wanted, in any park we wanted, at any time we wanted. Just walk right up to any ride and get on! It was awesome!

Did we feel ever so slightly guilty that we had this great advantage not only over those poor slobs who actually had to wait in the “standby” line, without Fastpasses, but also over the people who were using the regular Fastpass system? Did we feel a little guilty?

No way! We just walked to the front of whatever ride we wanted to ride, looked at everyone else, and said, “See you later, Suckers!”

No, we didn’t really do that. But we did feel like we were royalty or something—like if Prince William and Princess Kate came to visit Disney World, they couldn’t have been treated any better than we were.

I’ll be honest. I liked it! I liked being treated better than everyone else. It made me feel very special.

In today’s scripture, a similar situation is happening—only it’s happening in church. Read the rest of this entry »